Local Faces: Head Students at John Colet School

The Head Students at John Colet School were only appointed on Friday 23 June but the team got down to work immediately. They realised that communication is the key to leadership so they rearranged the Sixth Form noticeboard and also tidied the Common Room. This latter news will gladden the heart of any parent of a teen. The team plan fundraising for a microwave to be used by the Sixth Form, cared for and respected by them.

These new leaders are very keen, indeed. They really want to encourage the involvement of the whole Sixth Form so they have restructured the Sixth Form Council with many new roles and set up an email address, essential in this day and age. They want to organise a whole school art competition in the new academic year and display the winners in the Sixth Form Common Room and perhaps elsewhere. They are aware that many Sixth Formers are not keen on participating in conventional sports so they want to set up fun informal competitions to keep them physically active.

To make sure the whole school has a bigger say in matters that affect students, they plan to expand the School Council to around 50. They will have to meet somewhere large, like the Lecture Theatre and have to engage in proper debate – like in Parliament – but they disapprove of boorishness, so, better than Parliamentary behaviour!

Two whole-school areas where the leaders feel they can really make a difference are:students who are experiencing difficulties might approach a Sixth Former if they don’t want to talk to a member of staff immediatelythey are very keen on environmental issues within the school so there will be an ongoing campaign to make sure the cloakrooms are kept in good condition and litter is properly disposed of.Generation Z is much more politically aware than their immediate predecessors. Reeling from the shock of Brexit they are keenly aware of how that will impact the rest of their lives and most would have voted Remain so they feel disenfranchised. This was quickly followed by the surprising triumph of Trump in the US Presidential elections. Having researched the general election they are very keen to vote at every possible chance in the future to make sure their voice is heard. The Presidential Election in France confirms that things are changing everywhere. Recent events have made them aware of a “dangerous mood in the air”. This means they feel the need to be more alert in every day situations but politically, too.

They are delighted that the school encourages Independent Study in every subject and they are looking forward to the next step in their education next summer. They all have plans to keep all their options open to make them as employable as possible throughout life. Conor says, “The teachers at John Colet School have helped me to become organised and have given me so many opportunities to join in with so many things.”