Local Faces: John Colet School Head Student Team 2020

This year’s Head Student Team with the Head Boy and Girl from 2019-2020.

New Covid-19 era circumstances mean that for the first time the Head Student Team was elected by submitting short (one minute) videos and then remote voting (Google Forms). The current year 12 at John Colet School performed with ease. Head of Sixth Form, Ms Dee Fanchi, has found the whole process to be very efficient, just like other organisations exploring current technology to allow work to continue using new technology. These new methods are likely to be used again in the future.

The remaining difficulty was communication between the current Team (see https://wendovernews.co.uk/news/local-faces-john-colet-school-head-student-team/) and the new Team shown in the photo. They finally met in June when schools started to re-open for specific year groups, not just for key worker and vulnerable pupils.

They support the mentoring scheme whereby a sixth form boy and girl are attached to each year 7 tutor group. That project, started by last year’s Deputy Head Girl, is seen by this year’s Head Girl, Emma, as a good foundation for her main concern: extra support for the year 6 to year 7 Transition pupils. Using sixth formers to tutor younger students, particularly in Maths and English, has also proved mutually beneficial and it is hoped that this will continue.

The whole Team is concerned about easing Transition. They are in the process of making topical videos which will be sent to all feeder schools in lieu of the two day Transition Visits which had become customary. They are tuning into skills needed by the 21st century world of work. Small groups of year 6 pupils will still visit and sixth formers will look after them as before. Their newly learned expertise with videoing will also help them to reinvigorate classic fund raisers such as the Talent Show.

This year’s Head Student Team with Ms Fanchi and Mr Harty

Rebecca also wants to reinforce mixed year groups working together in the fundraising MAD weeks. All these vertical alignments work to consolidate the whole school body for the common good.

The School Garden Project, the vision of Head Girl 2018-2019, was successfully finished during this academic year. Its use will be further developed by the new Head Boy, Sam, who also wants to introduce a Sustainability Team within the sixth form, picking up on a recycling project started last year.

Elliot is keen to work on behalf of the whole sixth form, both the common room environment and its independence within the school, a special feature not replicated elsewhere.

They recognise that they are pathfinders in the new peri-Covid world but they are determined to use their skills to help others to find their way through, too.


Student info –

Rebecca Ashford is Deputy Head Girl, studying: Biology, English, Sociology, EPQ. Planning to become a primary teacher.

Emma Mohammed is Head Girl, studying: Biology, Business, Geography, EPQ. Planning to become a radiotherapist.

Sam Winter is Head Boy, studying: Business, Chemistry, Maths. Planning to become an investment banker.

Elliot Beever is Deputy Head Boy, studying: English Literature, Geography, History, EPQ. Planning to become a criminal barrister.