Local Faces: John Colet School Head Students

These students had to complete their studies for GCSEs in lockdown and have now experienced sixth form in the same strange way. Surprisingly, Covid-testing at home has become a way of life. Another change – the abolition of gender described leadership – so they are all head or deputy head students. To help them in their leadership work, they will be assisted by 8 prefects whose roles will include:

  • social activities eg pizza after school night
  • exploring careers with younger students
  • publicity for all student led activities within school
  • building the Colet community focussing on diversity, inclusion, equality and anti-bullying

John Colet School has always encouraged vertical integration but this is difficult with staggered lunchtimes to facilitate bubbles and distancing so one huge task for these leaders is rebuilding relationships between year groups. Everyone will be working hard at this task.

left to right: Lucy Histed, Head Student, Studying – Biology, Psychology, Maths. Planning to become – Student of Biology. Josh O’Mahoney, Head Student, Studying – History, Sociology, Psychology. Planning to become – Diplomat or Politician. Liam Barker, Deputy Head Student, Studying – Financial Studies, History, Sociology. Planning to become – Naval Officer. Camiah Lendor, Deputy Head Student, Studying – English Lit, Financial Studies, Sociology. Planning to become – Quantity Surveyor.