Local MP calls for a level playing field for levelling up funding

Aylesbury MP Rob Butler has called for the town to get a fair chance of obtaining “levelling up” funding from the Government. MPs today debated the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, which aims to give people similar opportunities,  wherever they live in the country.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Rob said:

“Aylesbury is a great place to live, work, visit and invest. But it is no exaggeration to say it is a town of two halves. People in Bedgrove and Fairford Leys live longer, healthier and wealthier lives than those in Quarrendon, Southcourt and Gatehouse. We have entrenched pockets of deprivation where outcomes in education, health and income are far below those in other parts of the town.”

“For that reason, I firmly believe that levelling up must be for the whole of the country –  north, midlands and south.  For Aylesbury to flourish, we need to be able to compete on a fairer footing with towns in other parts of the country for funding from central government – we need a level playing field to level up.”

Rob praised other parts of the new legislation, especially the proposed Infrastructure Levy. He said:

“Aylesbury is no stranger to development: the town has grown massively since I was born there 50-odd years ago. But what’s rather less familiar to the people of Aylesbury are sufficient levels of funding for the infrastructure to support the new houses, and the people coming to live in them.

“Development has to work for all, both old and new residents. That means GP surgeries,  schools and roads must be completed at the same time as new houses – not after they’re occupied. With further huge housing growth on the cards for Aylesbury in the next 20 years, our already stretched public services will simply not be able to cope without radical improvements to our local infrastructure.”