Local MP highlights steps to help stop scammers

Aylesbury MP Rob Butler has highlighted Government advice to help stop vaccine fraud during this year’s Scam Awareness Fortnight.

Rob said:
“Recently, criminals have been using the coronavirus vaccine programme as another way to target the public and exploit the vulnerable, so it’s vital that we all recognise the warning signs of scams and follow the Government’s advice if we receive or see something that doesn’t look right.

“This advice includes challenging unannounced callers to your home (the NHS will never visit without informing you first) and checking suspicious emails, messages or telephone calls by using www.gov.uk. It’s important to never respond to requests for money or information such as bank details or passwords, and the Government recommends using official websites such as www.nhs.uk to access information and services online.”

Several organisations can support scam victims, including Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Suspicious emails should be forwarded to report@phishing.gov.uk, and if there is an imminent risk of losing money to a scam, the public should call 999.

Rob added:
“I’ve raised concerns about online scams with ministers in Parliament, and I was pleased to hear the Digital Minister, Caroline Dinenage MP, confirm to me recently that the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will be ensuring technology companies take action against this cruel crime.

“Scams are not just limited to internet users, however. People of all ages and backgrounds fall victim to them, and Scam Awareness Fortnight is an opportunity to highlight the dangers and help us all remain vigilant. Following Government advice, and encouraging others to do so, will help us clamp down on criminals exploiting the public
during the pandemic.”