Local MP welcomes scrapping of COVID laws

Aylesbury MP Rob Butler has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement that all remaining Covid regulations will be scrapped.

Rob said:

“This is excellent news. For nearly two years our lives have been restricted in unprecedented ways in order to combat the dangers of Covid-19. Thanks to the brilliant scientists, NHS staff and volunteers involved in the incredible vaccination effort, we are now able to take a huge step towards normality. The focus now will be on each and every one of us taking responsibility for ourselves and those around us.

“We all know how much the restrictions have posed a heavy toll on our economy and society – so it is right that we now learn to live with the virus, and continue to protect ourselves while regaining our freedoms.

“People in the Aylesbury area have made incredible sacrifices to help tackle the threat posed by Covid-19 and many local people have lost loved ones during the pandemic. I fervently hope that we are now able to turn the corner.

“This new announcement will herald a return to the workplace for many people, helping businesses and making Aylesbury a vibrant town once again.

“I’d like to thank everyone locally who has played a part in tackling Covid, including health staff, key workers and parents who have juggled their jobs with teaching their children at home. I pay special tribute to the thousands of people who volunteered to help their neighbours at such a difficult time.”