Local schoolboy takes on charity walk

Max, a local schoolboy from Aylesbury, has been inspired and motivated by his mum to take part in NOT The Midnight Walk for Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity this year after seeing her enjoy the event last year.

His mum, Charlotte, says, “I took part in the NOT The Midnight walk last year and loved it. I did it with family and friends and we had the best time. We walked past other groups of walkers and we all cheered each other on. It was so amazing to be part of something special.

“After seeing how much fun I had, and knowing I was raising money for the charity that helped his Grandad, Max asked if he could join me this year and take part. I spoke to Max about his Grandad and the support the Hospice gave him and how the money we raise would help. I gave him the option to do the 5 or 10 miles, thinking he would want to do the shorter 5 mile challenge, but incredibly he told me, ‘I want to do the big one with you Mummy’.

“Every day Max blows me away with his positive attitude. Max was born prematurely and with bilateral talipes (club foot). From birth, he has received treatment on his feet and will require an operation in the future. He has already overcome so many barriers in life and he never complains. He just gets on with it and his ability to empathise with other people is amazing.

“I really enjoyed the challenge and raising money for charity, and am so looking forward to doing it with Max this year.  I have promised him a McDonald’s breakfast at the end of it – which is a great reward for a 7 year old!

“The walk brings people together; we all have an instant connection to each other and feel united by fundraising for the Hospice.”

If you would like to register take part in this year’s NOT The Midnight Walk and support Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, visit www.fnhospice.org.uk/notthemidnightwalk