Lockdown in Wendover

Together we have come through a difficult time in recent months. Who knew that this virus could change our lives for so long? Lockdown was an unforeseen challenge with changes of behaviour and new disciplines having to be learnt quickly.

Relaxing lockdown is going to be every bit as challenging. In fact, it appears to be far from relaxing. The noises off, from government and media, are becoming less clear and this is unlikely to get any more certain as mobility increases and the economy reboots.

It is up to us to take the skills that we have learnt, the hand cleansing, the distancing square dance that we use on walks and the PPE that is available to keep us safe. We must all become safety officers. Not just for ourselves but for our neighbours, because if we are unfocused now, we could be heading back to square one.

Some of our old skills, like driving, crossing the road or using public transport, may need a bit of refreshing after the layoff. Keeping safe takes many forms.

Throughout lockdown this community has pulled together like never before. I am sure that we will continue to do our best to keep each other safe as the easing of restrictions happens. The warden scheme and the safety regimes that our retailers have put in place will continue if you, the community, needs them.

Councillor Tom Walsh

This article first appeared in the July print edition of Wendover News. The entire edition can be seen here.

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