Lord Trenchard becomes Patron of Halton Heritage

RAF Halton is not only synonymous with training from RAF recruit training to command management and leadership, specialist training and also some Phase 2 training, as well as Home for Sport to many RAF Sports. Another aspect of RAF Halton is the heritage it holds from the earliest days of aviation when in 1913 the previous owners, the Rothchilds, invited Kitchener’s Army and the pre-RAF aviators to train there. The RAF has been training there since its inception in 1918 and much of its early development was the determined by the vision of Viscount, Lord Trenchard, colloquially known as the ‘father of the RAF’ who set up the RAF Aircraft Apprentices Training School in 1920. The Halton heritage and its huge amount of artefacts which colour its long and illustrious history are now preserved by no less than 4 committees: the Heritage Committee which is accompanied by the committees of the Trenchard Museum, Halton House and the WW1 Trenches Committees.

How fitting then that RAF Halton recently sought a new Patron to its wide and varied heritage estate in the form of the 3rd Viscount, Lord Hugh Trenchard, Honorary Air Commodore and the grandson of the father of the RAF, no less. The occasion of him accepting this accolade took place on Monday 09 May 16 at RAF Halton’s Groves Flight Heritage centre within a visit organised by Gp Capt (Retd) ‘Min’ Larkin, one of many retired local volunteers who devote so much of their time and efforts in preserving the myriad of sites, memorials and museum activities on and around the Buckinghamshire base. A plaque commemorating the event was presented to Lord Trenchard by OIC Halton Heritage, a post which sits with OC Ops and Plans Wg, currently Wg Cdr Ray Morley MBE RAF.

On the day, Lord Trenchard conveyed his thanks for what he described as ‘a wonderful day’ as he was ‘most honoured to be the Patron of Halton Heritage’. He stated in a speech how proud he was and spoke of the strong feelings he had for Halton due to the special place it had with his family much of which was reflected in the various memorabilia which he still had from that which his grandmother had kept. He paid tribute to the various ex-serving RAF personnel whose hard work and impressive knowledge made Halton Heritage what is was today. OIC Heritage, Wg Cdr Morley said: “We are delighted, there can be no more appropriate and fitting patron for Halton Heritage than Lord Trenchard.” he added: “We look forward to inviting Lord Trenchard back again as it takes so long to see and appreciate all of Halton’s Heritage.”

Lord Trenchard also paid tribute to the commitment and work of the volunteers who live locally as well as those on base.