Marathon Man! and Obi, the dog of the month

Through the Silver Bond scheme we have been able to secure a place in the Virgin London Marathon 2015 and we are delighted to announce that Keith Tucker is taking on this incredible challenge on our behalf.

The Virgin London Marathon is one of the great British sporting events, combining elite athletes, mass participation and record breaking fundraising in one race. The course is a gruelling 26 miles 385 yards long, passing through the streets of London from Blackheath to the famous finish line at The Mall.

We hope you can show your support for Keith by sponsoring him. This can be done safely and securely via his Virgin Money Giving page: and search for Keith Tucker.




Obi is currently staying with us and because of his physical limitations has very specific requirements whilst he is in our care.

He is a crossbreed of about retriever size and is aged 8-10 years. Obi has been blind for a long time, possibly from birth or as result of an injury when he was a younger dog. He also has limited hearing. However, he has an excellent nose and has no problem moving around in familiar spaces. He is happy to sleep for the greatest part of the day and is generally quiet and undemanding, although he will raid any available rubbish bins.

Obi is slowly learning to trust people and thanks to the hard work, dedication and patience of our kennel staff, Obi is beginning to enjoy going out to explore safe places outside and he will follow a treat if he needs to be moved slowly from one place to another and is learning to walk on a lead.

For anyone thinking of adopting him Obi is hoping for that one in a million person who can give him the things he needs and will not be put off by all the problems Obi faces on a daily basis. Obi is looking for a quiet home without children or other dogs. He also needs easy access from a kitchen or utility room to a secure garden without hidden dangers like steps or ponds.His new owner will also need to be physically strong enough to lift Obi if required or to help him in and out of a vehicle.He currently weighs about 25Kg so is no light weight! Obi does not have a lot to offer at this time but he is building relationships with the people he interacts with most closely at the rescue centre and enjoys being brushed and having his tummy rubbed and tickled.

Any prospective adopter would need to be very sure that they would be prepared to care for Obi long term as any additional disruption could be very distressing for him.Apart from his blindness and deafness and some slight anaemia due to poor nutrition (now resolved), Obi has no other known conditions apart from a fatty lump on his side which the vet is recommending is inoffensive and should be left at this time.He has been neutered.