Matters Arising – June 2020

View from the Chair
Wendover Parish Council is now holding its meetings using Zoom software. A very productive meeting on 5 May went with barely a hitch. This was the first opportunity to hold our Annual Parish Meeting. That’s the one where the various chairmen and their deputies are voted for and where committee members and other annual things are decided. As a result of this meeting the WPC is now in a good position to carry on, as normally as is possible, during these COVID-19 times.

The sterling service provided by our staff goes on as usual. The Clocktower is not manned – it is impossible to distance in the tower – but the grounds team are keeping Wendover looking great and the office staff are working as usual, but mainly from home. I’m sure that you’d all join me in thanking the team for their work, particularly the support they’ve provided for the Good Neighbour Scheme.

I’ve also written, on behalf of WPC, to thank the retailers and restaurants that have risen to the challenge of COVID-19 and who have been ingenious in keeping Wendover fed and in keeping us as safe as possible as we shop. It’s been a great effort by a lot of people.

The spirit of Wendover is what is getting us through. This showed beautifully in the fantastic VE Day celebrations. It was as colourful, friendly, respectful and safety conscious as a public event can be, and I think that we all needed it. It was fantastic.
Tom Walsh
Chairman, Wendover Parish Council

Street Wardens Needed
Wendover Parish Council remains eternally grateful for the outstanding efforts of the volunteer Street Wardens in supporting the Good Neighbour Scheme. The outlook is changing, and we are expecting several of the current Wardens to return to work over the next couple of weeks. This may leave us with areas not covered, so in anticipation we are asking for additional volunteers to come forward. If you are in a position to support the scheme, then please contact the Clerk for further information on what is required and how to register.

Witchell Car Park Extension
Wendover Parish Council are pleased to confirm the Witchell Car Park extension is now open. The final work to repair the entrance, install a height barrier and bike stand was completed during April. The extension provides additional parking for 36 cars, easing the parking issues within the village once life returns to normal and the High Street opens for business as usual!

VE Day Celebration
Wendover Parish Council had planned a VE Day Celebration event to be held on Manor Waste on Friday 8 May. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the event had to be postponed. Undeterred, Wendover Parish Council organised a virtual celebration asking residents to celebrate in their own house or garden. A Toast to the Nation’s Heroes of WW2 was signalled at 3pm by a firework. This was followed by a live streamed music performance from local residents Barry Evans and his daughter Emily from the band Counting Colours. You can watch the recorded live stream by visiting The Legion Club Facebook page

Residents were also encouraged to enter a competition by decorating their houses and gardens in red, white and blue and sending through a picture of their efforts. An impressive number – 36 entries – were received! Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, there was an amazing effort put in by all. Wendover really looked joyful! We are proud to announce the winner of the competition is the Hughes family from Mill Mead, who have won themselves a £50 voucher to spend on the High Street. Congratulations! Pictures of all the entries received can be found on our Facebook page or website.

The Winning Entry
“My children (Florence, 6 and William, 3) made a large banner and some homemade bunting. We strung up vintage posters from WWII (donated by my neighbour) and decorated the pavement too!” – Sophie Hughes