Matters Arising – May 2020

View from the Chair
You may all remember that in last month’s edition of Wendover News I was full of optimism and future plans. An acceptable interpretation of a wise saying is that “when men plan the gods laugh”. Well they must be chuckling now.

These are unprecedented times, testing times, dangerous times. COVID-19 threatens all of us but, in true Wendover style, we are pushing back against it. In Wendover we are following government guidance and staying home or keeping our distance. Our food retailers, chemist and health centre are rising to the challenge and, as I write this, even the weather is cooperating.

Wendover Parish Council has helped to set up a parish-wide network of wardens. These are neighbours helping neighbours and supporting the self isolating and the vulnerable. So far there’s over 100 people who, by getting some groceries, picking up a prescription or just having a chat from a safe distance, are putting an arm around this community and making the potentially unbearable just a bit more bearable.

I’m proud to say that the people of Wendover are doing the right thing and that by doing that we are saving lives. You are saving lives.
Tom Walsh
Chairman of Wendover PC

COVID-19 webpage
Wendover Parish Council has recently added a COVID-19 page onto its website where you will find useful links and updates on the current situation, local Wendover information advising on which businesses are still open for business, national helpline numbers and websites, how to get help while self-isolating and how to volunteer as a warden. Please follow the link below to view the page

Join the Good Neighbour Scheme
Wendover Parish Council has developed a Good Neighbour Scheme to help those self-isolating due to COVID-19. Wendover has been divided into four areas, with each area having a lead Regional Warden. The Regional Warden then allocates volunteer wardens to roads. We now have warden coverage across all of Wendover; however, we continue to recruit volunteer wardens in case our current wardens need to step away from the scheme due to self-isolation or work/family commitments. Volunteer Wardens support residents who are self-isolating or vulnerable with anything practical including shopping, collecting prescriptions etc. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer warden please email the Clerk at

Self-isolating and need help?
A Good Neighbour Warden can help you with the following – picking up shopping, collecting prescriptions, posting mail, urgent supplies or a friendly phone call. A warden may have already posted the above ‘I can help’ card through your door, on which you will find their contact details. If you have not received a card through your door but do need help please call 01296 623056 and leave a message with our answering machine or email so we can pass your details onto your Regional Warden. Please remember to provide the following details when calling or emailing – name, address, contact number and what you need help with. Please speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message on our answering machine.