Message from the Editor, December 2022

Merry Christmas on Instagram!
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Wendover Celebrates
The Bonfire and Fireworks event took place on 5 November at Ashbrook/Castle Park. Tickets sold out within days of release. Great entertainment and fun for all led to positive feedback.

Wendover Celebrates started in 2012 to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and was planned as a summer event that would be organised thereafter every two years. Covid changed the pattern – hence a different celebration this year with 1000 visitors attending. Side stalls and a variety of musical entertainment plus the bonfire and fireworks, drew in Wendover and have raised much needed funds for Wendover Dementia Support and the Scannappeal. Watch this space for the final figures.

Thanks are due to Fiona, Matt and Carole for carrying the baton of Wendover Celebrates for so long; time for a well-earned rest. Having being involved myself as a director since the very beginning, I hope someone else takes on the role but it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with the organisation of such a successful community event which has raised in excess of £38k for worthy local causes.

Thanks too must go to the various companies, sponsors and donors who have parted with their cash over the years to ensure that Wendover Celebrates has remained to put on various events that have given joy to thousands of local people of all ages and interests.

Bob Duggan

A Warm Welcome in Wendover
In response to the cost of living challenges, “Warm Welcome” spaces are opening up around the country and Wendover is no exception. “Bridging the Gap” inter-generation group, already offers a warm space with hot drinks on Tuesdays 10am to 12noon and 1.30pm to 3pm at Wendover Christian Centre (WCC) (on Aylesbury Road, opposite Wharf Road, behind St. Anne’s Church). Churches Together in Wendover opened a Wendover Warm Welcome space on Thursday 24 November, also in WCC. This will be available on most Thursdays from 2pm to 5pm, with light refreshments and a Saturday time is envisaged. Watch for posters and on social media. Feel free to attend. To volunteer contact Wendover News.