‘Morning After’ reminder to fans during the Rugby World Cup 2019

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is advising rugby fans to be mindful of driving the morning after drinking alcohol during the Rugby World Cup 2019 tournament, which runs until 2 November.


As with all major sporting events, the tournament will be enjoyed and celebrated by millions, with alcohol potentially playing a part. But people don’t always realise how long it takes for alcohol to pass through the body, and that they might still be over the drink-drive limit the morning after.


The penalties for drink driving include a minimum 12-month driving ban, a criminal record, a hefty fine, up to six months in prison and an endorsement on your license for 11 years.


To assist fans, TfB is taking the opportunity to once again promote the fantastic ‘Morning After Calculator’ app.


The app has been produced to help people calculate roughly when it will be safe to drive the morning after drinking alcohol. It can also help you calculate when you need to stop drinking alcohol if you need to drive the following morning.


The app is available to download free of charge, or can be used online, at http://morning-after.org.uk 


County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transport Mark Shaw, said:


“It takes a lot longer than almost all of us realise for alcohol to pass through the body. This means that a lot of people often think they’re safe to get behind the wheel, but actually they’re still over the legal limit a good 12 hours or so later. The Morning After app can help you keep track of your alcohol consumption during the World Cup celebrations and I would definitely recommend using it!


“In addition to the app, sort out a designated driver or pool together for a taxi and arrange alternative transport the morning after if you’re going to be over the limit. As rugby fans, come together and look out for each other so you all get home safely!”