National Volunteers Week at The Story Museum

From the 1st – 7th June, The Story Museum will be celebrating national Volunteers’ Week, during which volunteers across the UK are recognised and thanked for their efforts and contributions. Since opening in 2014, the museum has built up a dedicated and talented group of volunteers many of which have gone on to become full time members of staff. Now, with the museum’s £6 million transformation well under way, The Story Museum are looking for new enthusiastic volunteers of all ages to help deliver it’s event and activities delight visitors both young and old.

Ava, a young volunteer at The Story Museum says:

“I started to volunteer at the Story Museum when I was 13 and I was warmly welcomed and soon felt right at home. It was like a big family, where everyone was so loving, and kind and I was doing something I was passionate about. A creative space to unlock my inner child and capture the magical side of stories and be able to show this to other kids and families.

There is always a new challenge and something to push me and develop my personality and skill set, the opportunity to volunteer and work with a range of ages in the public has let my confidence flourish letting me be myself and have self-belief working with the public. The story museum has truly helped me grow as a person and find a place to unlock opportunities and meet new amazing people every day.”

More than 15 million people volunteer in the UK every month, lending their time and talents to causes as varied as food banks, libraries and hospitals. Charities, community groups and other organisations across the country are holding events to thank their volunteers for the contribution they make. Events will include awards ceremonies, barbecues, roadshows and tea parties. Last year almost 500 events were held throughout the UK.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at The Story Museum and would like to find out more information visit