New Children’s Home opens in Aylesbury

A new home for looked after children has opened its doors in Aylesbury, providing additional residential placements for up to five young people in care.

This is the second of four planned across the county and forms part of a £2m investment for 20 new residential placements. Another home was opened in Aylesbury in July 2018 and two further homes are planned in the High Wycombe area. An existing home in Aylesbury also remains open.

The new home provides vital space for young people aged between 8 and 18 who, for whatever reason, need to live away from their parents or families. Residential homes of this kind mean that more children can be looked after closer to their local community, school or college, friends and extended family, keeping the level of change in their lives to a minimum.

Increasing the number of places for children to be looked after in Buckinghamshire also reduces the high cost of out of county placements and reduces the distance children are placed away from their homes. This also makes it easier for children to see their social workers and spend more time together rather than having to travel long distances to see each other.

Councillor Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services who officially opened the new home said: “This new facility is great news for our vulnerable children in Buckinghamshire. We are committed to ensuring that as many young people in our care as possible are able to maintain important links to their friends and local communities.

“Homes like this provide a welcoming and stable family-like environment for children who are already going through a difficult time in their lives so it is important that we do all we can to support them.”