New HIIT Yoga Lunch Bites every Monday at Wendover Community Library

Do you feel lethargic & low on energy on Monday mornings? Would you like to get fit & energised in your lunch hour? Then come to Wendover Community Library for a quick fix of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Yoga Lunch Bites25 minutes each from12:30- 12:55 & 13:00-13:25. There is also a full hour HIIT Yogaclasses runevery Monday from 11.30-12:30.

Great for Strong Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced Levels of Yoga or fitness-lovers. This challenge is something you can fit into your busy life &finally get your freedom back, along with your best healthy & strong self.

Whether you have excess weight to lose, or you want to boost your metabolism in order to stay detoxed, defined & up your endurance, these sessions will work better than hours at the gym or on the treadmill. During this class & after, you should feel empowered, energetic & ready for the week ahead. You’ll also get your life back–with short sessions on the mat & then a lot of time off as your body transforms to its best, most fit state. You can do this challenge if you’re strengthening or already strong & it will kick even a sluggish metabolism into higher gear. This is the most fun you’ll ever have sparking healthy weight loss, toning & trimming up, boosting your energy & metabolism naturally — in just 25 minutes, once a week!

HIIT exercise was discovered by a Japanese doctor/researcher, who found the most effective timing for HIIT exercise: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes. We apply this blueprint to every main workout you’ll do with me, to ensure the greatest results in the least amount of time.

The full hourHIIT Yogaclass will be structured as normal yoga class with relaxation, warm up, followed by the HIIT-type work out with yoga moves to concentrate on ABS, glutes, arms with longer relaxation at the end to help relax & absorb the hard work & the energy created!

Short HIIT Yoga Bitesare going to be mostly concentrated on HIIT Yoga moves framed by a short warm up & relaxation.

Benefits of Yoga

Lots of people turn to yoga for physical benefits like flexibility, muscle building, increasing balance & a workout that can be adapted to be challenging, yet still low-impact & easy on the joints if needed. And when you invest a bit of time & effort into realising these goals, yoga will deliver & maintain your healthy state of body.

Also what I’ve felt & witnessed, together with countless others, is that the process of going through the postures (asanas) & the breathing exercises (pranayama) starts to instigate a positive mental transformation as well, & that’s where you can really get hooked.

Numerous studies have found that yoga can be an effective treatment for issues ranging from anxiety & depression to chronic pain, insomnia, immune conditions, arthritis & even heart & blood pressure problems.

Try different types of Yoga with Happy&Well Yoga Classes run in Wendover

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Yoga every Monday 11:30-12:30 @ Wendover Library

HIIT Yoga Lunch Bites every Monday 12:30-12:55 & 13:00-13:25 @ Wendover Library

Baby&Mum Yoga every Tuesday 9.30-10.30am @ Wendover Children Centre

KundaDance every Wednesday 09:30-10:30am & 10:30-11:30am @ Wendover Youth Centre

Adults Slow Flow Yoga every Friday 9.30-10.30am @ Wendover Library

Sabina Dye

Certified Kids & Adults Yoga Teacher, KundaDance & Reiki Level II Practitioner


M: +44(0) 757 8183 711 Facebook: @happywellyoga