A New Vintage You in 2016

The chance to spend a day steeped in World War Two glamour, learning how to put hair in victory rolls and the secrets of the era’s make-up, comes back to Bletchley Park in 2016.

This will be the third year the site where Codebreakers helped shorten the war plays host to this most glamorous day out. The event is a day-long workshop run by vintage stylist Sarah Dunn of Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos.

Participants learn social history about the decade as well as how to recreate its iconic look. In the 1940s the squeeze of rationing and post-war austerity measures prompted ever-more ingenious methods of self-beautification. Add to that the devil-may-care attitude engendered by the fear of death on any given day during WW2 and it’s easy to see why lipstick got brighter, skirts got shorter and heels got higher.

Sarah says “What better way to learn about daily life than by looking at women’s hair and make-up? It’s a fascinating period of our history. We show how something so glamorous and incredible came out of such austerity. Bletchley Park is the perfect place for this.”

Book now for Saturday 6 February 2016. Further dates will be announced soon, along with the rest of 2016’s exciting events at Bletchley Park.