New Year, New Season of Must-See Fringe Theatre

Since relaunching last year, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s Norman Bragg Studio has grown a programme of shows to suit every taste, and this year is set to be no exception.

Following hugely popular visits from Dickens Theatre Company, a spotlight has been shone on the studio’s capacity to host Fringe theatre and some quirky shows are hot-footing their way to town over the coming months.

First up, Buffy Revamped (Fri 3 & Sat 4 Feb) fresh from an award-winning run at Edinburgh Fringe. This fast-paced new production brings the entire 144 episodes of the hit 90s’ TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told through the eyes of the one person who knows it inside out…Spike! Get ready for a funny, satirical parody, perfect for Buffy aficionados, and those who never enrolled at Sunnydale High alike.

Fancy some dramatic story-telling at its best?! Look no further as Don’t Go Into The Cellar Theatre Company present an anthology stage show based on a classic trio of nineteet9h century chillers – The Body-Snatcher, The Monkey’s Paw and The Signal-Man in Victorian Gothic (Sat 25 Feb).

Laughter is the best medicine so expect the perfect cure for ailments this Spring with Yippee Ki Yay (Thu 6 -7 Apr), an acclaimed retelling of the classic Die Hard film from Richard Marsh (Fringe First winner, London Poetry slam champion and BBC Audio Drama Best Scripted Comedy Drama award-winner). The Norman Bragg Studio also welcomes Emmanuel Sonubi (Thu 20 Apr) already garnering a reputation as ‘the one to watch’ on the comedy circuit. In his show Emancipated, you’ll hear tales about his time as a doorman in some of the scariest clubs in London, his career in musical theatre and life as a parent to two young children.

 Chuckles continue with A Shoddy Detective & The Art of Deception (Sat 22 Apr), which sees a bumbling detective called upon to uncover the mystery of a priceless stolen painting, but when he cannot solve it himself he is forced to enlist the help of an old Nemesis. Looking For Me Friend (Thu 18 May) celebrates Victoria Wood’s unforgettable characters, songs and sketches – a touching tribute to this much-loved and sorely missed national treasure, and there’s more… Young theatre fans with a passion for captivating chemistry and bonkers biology will not want to miss Morgan and West – Unbelievable Science (Mon 13 Feb), a magical evening of iconic soundtracks from TV and film is in store courtesy of Interlude (Fri 17 Feb), and for lovers of singing, Disney and musicals get Thu 2 Mar in your diary for Musical Theatre Karaoke!

 Try something different this year – all events in the Norman Bragg Studio are on sale now: