News ABOUT Wendover News

As we reported in the July edition of Wendover News, the title will soon be handed over to a new company, called Wendover Community News CIC. The company, (CIC is short for ‘Community Interest Company’), has been incorporated and is now working towards its accreditation by IMPRESS – the regulator for small publishers like us.

Since then we have been making plans for involving our owners – the community. We have plenty of vacancies for new vounteers, but the people we are looking for may be slightly different to who you expect. In fact, you might be one of the people who would fit in very well.

We have a very small group of people who do a lot of the work. They are forming the business plan and getting all the admin organised to ensure that it will run like clockwork. We could do with a couple more people like that – particularly with publishing and editorial experience. We want to ensure that it all works properly once we take over. We also need innovators and techies for our proposed online project.

We need people who are just interested in what we do, and can occasionally do some research, take some photos, write an article or just call in with some important news that will be interesting for our readers. This is not something you have to commit to, you don’t have to show up every week and you certainly don’t even have to think of yourself as a volunteer. That doesn’t mean that we won’t look after you as if you were!

Some of Wendover News’ best volunteers in the past probably didn’t think of themselves  as badge-carrying Wendover News people: Over 100 people in the last decade have helped out delivering the edition through over 3,000 letterboxes. Others have just chatted to Jane or one of the team and allowed us to turn their knowledge into a news article. You could be one of those.