News from Get Wendover Cycling

Are you one of the steadily growing band of residents who have discovered the enormous benefits of owning and using a bicycle around the town? Getting to the Health Centre, the Library, shops, World’s End Nursery, no matter where, can all be achieved in little more than 5 minutes at most, no matter where you might live in Wendover. Our Library Car Park, offering a mere 67 spaces for a community now in excess of 3000 homes and over 8000 people, is under constant pressure and one can never be certain of finding somewhere to park either on or off street if visiting the town centre on four wheels. Not so if travelling by bike – parking actually at your destination is guaranteed and if your bike is equipped with either a basket or panniers it doubles up as a considerable load carrier – no more plastic bags cutting into your fingers as you carry your shopping home.

Cycling is:
• ultra low cost,
• rapid,
• has brilliant connectivity,
• is environmentally green
• and of course healthy. If you really don’t think pedalling is for you then the latest Winter issue of the GWC Newsletter has information on the truly transformational electric assisted bicycles.

“Get Wendover Cycling” is the local community’s cycling interest/pressure group which has been responsible for most of the bike racks that can now be found at key locations around the town. GWC has also provided vital support for the provision of the two cycle paths along Aylesbury Road and Manor Road. The Group also has good connections with the local authority and is currently hopeful of securing funding for some of the seven extensions which they have identified as necessary to complete the existing network of dedicated cycleways in the locality.

Group membership numbers are important to exert and extend influence. “Get Wendover Cycling” GWC works towards improving the cycling environment. if you are a cyclist and would like to support GWC’s objectives and be informed of local cycling issues, the Group would be delighted to send you an electronic copy of its occasional newsletter. Please send your email address to