NHS Health Checks – the facts

Local Authority NHS Health Checks have been running in Bucks since 2013, with over 130,000 people in the county invited to a Health Check according to 2018 figures. You can view 2013-18 data here.

With the risk of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia increasing over the age of 40, the NHS Health Check acts as an early warning system.

Making a change in lifestyle or habits can cut down the chances of these diseases developing unchecked and becoming more serious further down the line.

In August 2019 central government announced a review into ways to make the NHS Health Check more effective and personalised. This review is now underway.

However, it is important to emphasise the fact that NHS Health Checks are still ongoing, and so everyone who has a letter from their GP should be encouraged to go along. This consistent message is important as we want to increase the numbers of people in Bucks we can help improve their life chances.

Jane O’Grady, Director of Public Health at Buckinghamshire County Council reiterated this view saying ‘the NHS Health Check is a quick and easy ‘health MOT’ for eligible residents and really can save lives. Please make sure you attend your appointment when invited by your GP’


This statement is in response to the August announcement by central government of a review of NHS Health Checks. This review is ongoing and will be looking at ways in which NHS Health Checks can be improved to suit patients better.

The current NHS Health Check system is NOT stopping whilst the review is underway and it is important that the public are aware of this. We do not want to have a situation whereby residents cancel their GP NHS Health Check appointments as they believe them to be no longer available.