“Old Fly” Followup

I write with regard to the report of a letter received by Wendover Parish Council about “old fly posting” and published in the December 13 edition of Wendover News.

It is admirable of the lady resident to spend time checking round the village and to pen a letter but I wonder why she thinks it is the responsibility of the parish council? Also, would it not have been an even more productive use of her time to simply removed the offending articles, it’s what I do. I sometimes think that many people are always wanting to know what “they” are going to do about stuff. I don’t know who this magical “they” are, perhaps sometimes “they” should be “us”? As an incentive to organisations that could be bothered to put notices up but not take them down, I personally make it a point of principle not to support such lazy people in the future, no matter how many posters they might put up exhorting me to support their cause.