Over 90% of Buckinghamshire schools confirmed as Good or Outstanding by Ofsted

More than nine out of ten Buckinghamshire schools are rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by the Government’s education watchdog.

Thelatest figures published by Ofsted atthe end of September confirm that 92.5% of the county’s 235 schools are in the top two categories. Overall, this is nearly a three per cent improvementon the positiontwelvemonths ago.

Over a quarter ofBuckinghamshire schools (26%) are in the’Outstanding’ category, which is higher that both the national and south east averages.

Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, Mike Appleyard said he was delighted with the position.

“This is great news for pupils, parents and schools and really cements Buckinghamshire’s reputation for good education across the board.

“Thanks must gotoour teachers, governors and indeed the whole school community in Buckinghamshire for all their hard workto make sure that we offer a good education that delivers the best possible outcomes in terms of ambition, attainment and skills development for every pupil across the County.”

Commenting on the 17schools ratedas ‘needs improvement’ or inadequate,Mike added,”My teamworks collaboratively with thoseschools to support them to improve whatever their circumstances so thatall children and young people can achieve their full potential and get that all-important best possible start in life.”

Ofsted results for all schools are available by visiting www.reports.ofsted.gov.uk.