Packaging label leads investigators to fly tip culprit

A tell-tale packaging label on household rubbish dumped inAlderbourne Lane, Fulmer, led fly tipping investigators to 29-year-oldIonut Cristian Ocnaru.

And on Wednesday March 7, Mr Ocnaru, of Uxbridge Road, Slough, was fined £615 and ordered to pay £300 costs by Wycombe magistrates for illegally dumping the waste. He pleaded guilty.

Magistrates were told that on 15 August 2017, a Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire investigator found large pile of household waste dumped at the side of Alderbourne Lane. It included a mattress, cardboard packaging, a plastic bin sack, plastic bags containing green waste, a settee, a suitcase, wood and broken up furniture.

Sifting through the waste, the investigator found a packaging label bearing Mr Ocnaru’s name and address.

When interviewed, Mr Ocnaru admitted dumping plastic bags containing green waste and cardboard packaging for a mattress, which he said he had added to waste already dumped in Alderbourne Lane.

Mr Ocnaru told magistrates rubbish was building up outside his house as the council had not taken it away for two or three weeks, despites his complaints, so he decided to load it into a van and illegally dump it.

Mr Ocnaruaccepted he was wrong and that he had made a bad decision when he decided to fly-tip his waste, but did it out of anger and frustration at the council.

In addition to the £615 fine and £300 towards prosecution costs, Mr Ocnaru was ordered to pay a £61 victim surcharge – a total of £976.

South Bucks District Council Cabinet Member for Environment Luisa Sullivan, speaking on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire, said:”Our investigators do everything they can to trace who’s responsible for dumping waste on roadside verges. Let this case be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can get away with this kind of anti-social behaviour.”

The case was investigated and prosecuted by Buckinghamshire County Council on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire. The Partnership’s Illegal Dumping Costs campaign, launched in November 2003 to combat illegal dumping and waste management offences in Buckinghamshire, has resulted in 650 convictions and a significant saving to the Buckinghamshire taxpayer principally through reducing removal and disposal costs.

Illegal dumping can be reported on 0845 330 1856 or