Parking Offence?

I recently got a ticket for parking in Wendover – for being 1 minute over the agreed time. While I would not dispute that I was exceeding the time period by one minute, I was completely staggered by the subsequent correspondence, and would post this as a warning for Wendover residents.

We have all seen the 4×4’s parked on the pavement, vans parked anywhere and everywhere, and people abusing the parking places reserved for disabled people, and people turning on their hazard warning lights and going shopping – and of course they get away with it….

I had no problem with getting the ticket – what I was concerned about was that there was no leeway at all, and during that 60 seconds, the esteemed traffic warden on his motorbike had managed to take 11 pictures, check my car details, check my car tax, and write a ticket… in 60 seconds.

All the residents of Wendover might be interested to know, that the reply when I challenged the ticket, is that there is nothing to stop the warden writing the ticket, checking your car details etc., and waiting for you to exceed the time limit BEFORE the time limit has been exceeded. So you have not done anything wrong, but a warden can prepare the charge against you before any parking offence has been committed…
surely that cannot be right ?

I suggest that everyone one of us who might have made a mistake (ie 1 minute over-parking) have a lot more to worry about than we thought, while the serial offenders will no doubt continue to get away with it.