PC Andrew Harper – message of condolence

Brian Roberts, Chairman, Buckinghamshire County Council

Chairman of Buckinghamshire County Council, Brian Roberts said he was deeply shocked at the news of the murder of PC Andrew Harper last week.

“It’s so sad to hear of this senseless murder. Andrew was a young man simply doing the job he loved and the nation stands aghast at this brutal and cowardly act. My sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues, but especially to his new wife of just four weeks, Lissie. They should have had their whole lives ahead of them and it fills me with sadness that such a barbaric act has robbed them of their dreams.

“Thames Valley Police is the force that covers Buckinghamshire so this loss is strongly felt here, especially as he was on duty protecting those local people he was committed to serving.

“This illustrates the bravery of all our police officers who put their lives on the line every time they go on duty just to keep us all safe and secure. As a member of the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority, I know all too well the contribution of our emergency services, and although thankfully rare, any loss of life is still devastating to hear about. Andrew paid the ultimate sacrifice and that should never be forgotten.

Once again, on behalf of everyone at Buckinghamshire County Council, our deepest sympathies.”

Brian Roberts
Chairman of Buckinghamshire County Council