The perfect lifeline for lonely older people

An all-new free helpline was launched the last week of November, dedicated to providing information, advice and friendship to lonely older people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Silver Line was set up to assist the growing numbers of older people who regularly don’t get the opportunity to interact with other people on a regular basis.

Organisers say more than half of all 75 year olds live alone, and one in 10 say they suffer from intense loneliness but don’t like to ask for help.

A survey conducted by The Silver Line said many older people who live on their own would love a chat over the phone with someone when they are lonely – but often do not have anyone they feel able to call. Now at last there is an answer.

As well as friendship, training and advice, the specially trained advisers can also link callers to local groups and services, provide regular befriending calls and protect those who are suffering from neglect or abuse.

All calls are confidential. In the case of abuse or neglect, Social Services or Action on Elder Abuse can be contacted with the caller’s permission.

The Silver Line’s number is 0800 4 70 80 90 and there is no minimum age limit to be able to call. More information about the services The Silver Line offers can be found on its website,