Pets experience domestic abuse too

Dogs Trust Freedom Project, credit Richard Murgatroy Photography

There is a strong link between pet abuse and domestic abuse, with perpetrators often threatening or harming a pet in order to coerce and control their partner.

Aylesbury Women’s Aid, a local domestic abuse charity, has been working closely with the Dogs Trust Freedom Project for a number of years.

Dogs Trust Freedom Project is a pet fostering service for people fleeing domestic abuse. The service is completely free and confidential. The Dogs Trust covers the cost of the dog’s veterinary care, food and equipment for 6-9 months allowing their owners to access refuge accommodation. Once their owner has been safely rehoused, they are reunited.

“I suffered psychological and physical abuse for over 3 years. I had nowhere permanent to go and I had dogs…. The Freedom Project was my only means of escape. In many ways it was my life saver… I am thankful to Dogs Trust because they did everything to secure safe, loving foster homes for my dogs.. My abuser knew how much the dogs meant to me and knew I wouldn’t leave him because of them.”

There is help for cats too. Cats Protection Paws Protect fostering service helps people fleeing domestic abuse.

Aylesbury Women’s Aid offers confidential service to victims of domestic abuse.

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Dogs Trust

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Cats Protection

Tel: 0345 260 1280