Police and Crime Panel elects Chairman for coming year

Trevor Egleton, South Bucks District Councillor, has been re-elected as Chairman of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel for a fourth year at the Panel’s meeting on 17 July.

Kieron Mallon, Oxfordshire County Councillor, was re-elected as Vice-Chairman.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Trevor Egleton thanked Panel members for his re-appointment. He said: “I look forward to working with Panel members during the forthcoming year. This Panel has done a lot of good work with some impressive contributions and support.

“We have a number of new members for this year and I know the Panel will benefit from their fresh thinking and perspectives.”

Vice-Chairman, Kieron Mallon, said: “I appreciate Panel members’ continuing support. As a Panel we have tackled some difficult and challenging issues over the last year and we will continue to do the same this year.”

During the meeting, members also approved the Panel’s Annual Report, which draws out its work and achievements over the past year. These include developing Task and Finish sub-groups to consider topics in-depth such as rural crime, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s policing budget and council tax precept.

The report also highlights some of the key areas of work that the Panel will be examining over the forthcoming year, including commissioning of support to victims of crime, developing its CSE sub-committee which will meet in public, and the growing issue of cyber crime.

Read the Police and Crime Panel’s annual report at: