Princess Mary Gate needs Ignored?

As a resident of The Beeches at Princess Mary Gate, the site of the former hospital at Halton, I am dreading the return of ice and snow this winter. The access road to the site is steep and narrow, and during last winter’s snow, many cars had to be abandoned at the bottom of the hill, because there is no provision for the road to be cleared of snow or ice. Indeed, the Parish Council’s solution is for the residents to form their own snow patrol to clear the road. The situation seems to be that the roads have not yet been adopted by the council, and even if they are, there is doubt that this road would be cleared during snowfall by the snowplough.

There are approximately 400 houses on this site, generating a lot of extra council tax as well as custom for the various local businesses. It is shocking that there is no provision to clear this dangerous road, as it also serves the new Chilterns Multiple Sclerosis Centre. Indeed, some residents have asked to be provided with a salt bin to use if needed, but it looks as if the only way we can have this is to pay for it and the salt ourselves.

The residents of Princess Mary Gate deserve better than this. The council gave permission for the housing, and now that the houses are built, our needs are being ignored.