Proposals published on changes to Bucks’ household recycling centres

Proposals for changing the way Buckinghamshire’s household recycling centres operate will go before Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet for a decision on 7 January 2019.

Between 28 August and 22 October 2018, the County Council conducted a public consultation into changes to be made to the county’s household recycling centre service. The changes will make important cost reductions to help keep the council within its overall budget.

A considerable amount of work has been carried out both before and since the consultation to draw up proposals that achieve this necessary cost saving while at the same time making sure that the quality of service experienced by Bucks residents across the county as a whole is affected as little as possible.

These proposals have now been published online with supporting documentation. This is part of the usual process ahead of the meeting of the County Council’s Cabinet on 7 January at which the proposals will be considered.

Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment, said:

“Buckinghamshire’s household recycling centre service is very highly thought of by our residents, and we would prefer not to have to make any changes.

“Unfortunately, though, in these financially challenging times the council has to take responsibility and make really hard decisions that will allow us to continue providing the essential services on which many of our more vulnerable residents rely.

“The proposals that are going before Cabinet on 7 January are the result of much careful thought, and represent a package of measures that will result in significant cost savings while at the same time making as little difference to the way the average resident uses our household recycling centre service as possible.

“I’d ask anyone interested in the changes to look at the extensive supporting information that has been published along with the proposals. It shows the depth of research and analysis that has gone into making proposals that offer the best possible balance between cost saving and maintaining the quality of the service.”

View or download the proposals and supporting documentation