Put the spring back in your step

With the arrival of spring, the longer days signal an end to winter hibernation and bring the promise of a more active life. However, for those who suffer with joint and muscle pain, time can feel like it’s passing them by.

This spring could be different. The experts at ActiPatch®, the makers of drug-free pain relief products, have put together a guide to enjoying the best of the season; it’s time to discard the winter coat and ensure pain doesn’t hold you back.

Head to the garden. Springtime is one of the busiest times of the year and your garden will need lots of attention. As the spring-flowering bulbs appear it is important to keep on top of the weeds. Gardening is an excellent way to enjoy the warmer temperatures and embrace a more energetic life. Start by pruning the roses and planting new shrubs and perennials.

Try a natural solution to pain. Rather than reaching for over the counter pain relief, a natural drug-free solution could hold the key to a brighter season. Whilst pills may help in the short-term many have problematic side-effects with long-term use. ActiPatch® pain relief devices use electromagnetic pulse therapy and are clinically proven to be very effective in the long-term ensuring those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and anyone with muscle or joint soreness can face a more positive future.

Enjoy a walk in the sunshine. What better way to spend the day than going for a long country walk to enjoy spring in all its glory. Now is the time to spot snowdrops, daffodils and the stunning bluebell displays which blanket our woodlands. Whilst you enjoy these sights you’re also helping to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of a stroke. Thirsty minutes of brisk walking a day can reduce the risk by up to 27% and burns 75 calories1.

Spend active time with the children and grandchildren. Without pain, the opportunities to enjoy ‘busy’ times with the children and grandchildren are endless; from nature trails in the woods to farm park visits to see the new baby animals. Simple pleasures like feeding the ducks mean so much to children.

Become a ‘twitcher’. If you’re an avid bird-watching enthusiast or a complete novice, spring is the perfect time to observe our feathered friends during their prime breeding season. Armed with only a pair of binoculars and wellies there is much to see in our gardens and parks; look out for seasonal migrating birds like chiffchaffs.

Ben Fichter, Marketing Manager of the BioElectronics Corporation, commented:

“Being active and looking after your body are important ways to maintain good health and now is the perfect time to gain inspiration from the changes we see outdoors. Our ActiPatch® pain relief products will help long-term with any pains and strains without the need for taking pills and can also help heal the problem area over time, unlike other pain relief products.”