RAF Closure

There seems to a great number of ideas being put forward about the use of the RAF land once the closure takes place. As a resident of Halton I would like to make a few points.

We need to be aware that the land is being sold to make money which I can only assume means the majority will be sold as building land. In which case the increase in population will stretch local facilities to the limit and make roads even busier.

We need to ensure that local roads, in and around Halton, are improved to make them safer and reduce traffic build up at busy time, especially at Main Point. The village roads are used as ‘rat runs’ . Halton Lane has approximately 5,000 vehicles a day travelling at speeds up to 80mph! The village road has traffic numbers well over 3,000 per day, again travelling at speeds well over the 30mph limit.

The new houses being built at Weston Turville will also impact on Halton traffic. At this stage we obviously have no idea how many new homes will be built on the RAF land. However, it would seem sensible to assume that local schools and doctors won’t be able to cope with a continuing population increase. It would seem sensible to suggest that a new school will possibly be required, or expansion of existing schools. An additional doctors surgery linked with the Weston Grove practice would help to serve the increased population. Small local shops to serve the new Halton population would help to alleviate parking and traffic problems in Wendover. A bus service into Wendover from Halton would again help to alleviate parking problems but provide valuable support for local businesses as well as reducing car use and pollution. Perhaps with our ageing population a care home or sheltered accommodation would be a valuable addition to the area. New housing needs to provide for all ages. There are some excellent sports facilities already in place which could provide facilities for the local population or local schools. Once these basic needs are catered for perhaps consideration can be given to some of the more adventurous ideas currently being put forward.

Halton and Wendover are beautiful areas to live and many more people will in the future have the opportunity to enjoy not just the beauty of the area but the friendly, caring people who live and work here. It will be great to see local businesses thriving with a new population to support them. This could be a great opportunity to improve facilities and infrastructure for people already living here and provide a great place to live for new people.

A resident of the area for nearly 50 years.