RAF Halton Closure

As a Halton resident I read the two pieces on the closure of RAF Halton with considerable interest.

The chair of HPC reports that the Parish Council have developed an overall plan that “seeks to protect the open vistas we see today, maintain the rural nature of the parish and provide a mix of residential and commercial uses”. He goes on to say that they have shared their ideas with a wide range of interested parties. But not with the residents of Halton!

The comment from AVDC Planning offers a slightly different picture.

They say “work in relation to its development potential by external consultants is only at very early stages and no decisions relating to future development have yet been made”. AVDC concludes by saying that residents of Wendover would like to know more but there is nothing more they can say.

It struck me that many Halton residents would also like to know more about what might or might not happen to the 743 acres that have intimately surrounded them for decades. At present it would appear they are being overlooked by both their Parish Council and AVDC.