Group Captain Simon Harper talking about RAF Halton

Group Captain Simon Harper welcomed many enthusiastic visitors to the Engagement Day at RAF Halton on Wednesday 18 September to celebrate the day when the first plane visited a Rothschild field as Britain prepared for a war. Since then RAF Halton has developed beyond all recognition and become an integral part of local life.

In an interview with Wendover News, Gp Cpt Harper thanked the people of Wendover and the locality for the welcome they consistently extend to the permanent staff and the recruits who pass through so regularly. RAF Halton is a part of the community and is grateful for the recognition givenat the Freedom Parade held in Wendover on 22 March 2013.

RAF Halton now trains all non-officer RAF recruits. They and their families are therefore very fond of this beautiful area as it forms a backdrop to a very important formative time in their lives. The feeling is mutual and Wendover benefits, for example, from the First Responder unit based in the camp.In addition to the recruits over 3,000 people per year pass through specialist training including 2,500 NCO logististians.

RAF Halton will also continue with leisure facilities for RAF personnel including gliding and microlight aircraft.

As a truly British event, as well as serving tea and other refreshments, Pat Vincent of DCTS on the Station madea wonderful celebration cake, which was ceremonially cut by Group Captain Harper and served by Pat to everyone.

As a fitting end to the afternoon, the RAF supplied a synopsis of 100 years of flying. Click onthe links below for a brief glimpse of the planes on the day:

Bleriot Experimental (BE) BE2c

Supermarine Spitfire

Tornado GR4

Typhoon FGR4

By contrast, gliders were seen, serenely flying over RAF Halton for most of the afternoon.

We’re all looking forward to the next 100 years!