RAF Halton Trainees help the Community

Trainees undergoing initial training at RAF Halton recently volunteered spare time at Buckinghamshire Goat Centre and Chilterns Dog Rescue Society.

Thompson Intake at RAF Halton sent recruits to Buckinghamshire Goat Centre and Chilterns Dog Rescue Society to help in rejuvenating their facilities by painting sheds and resurfacing parking areas.

The trainees at the Goat Centre painted the sheds and performed a major clean-up of the pens. While at the Dog Rescue Centre, the trainees dug a new pond and resurfaced the gravel parking areas. Cpl Latimer-Jenkins said: “The two events were well received by both the recruits and the charities alike, allowing them to work together to achieve a positive result”.

Thompson Intake are one of six Intakes at Recruit Training Squadron at RAF Halton. Intakes can take part in community projects during a local leave weekend as part of the Basic Recruit Training Course. The point of the community projects is to maintain good relationships with the local community and demonstrate the importance of them to recruits.

Cpl Hargreaves said: “The recruits achieved the task to a high standard and gave maximum effort throughout the day impressing the staff at the centre. Their contribution towards helping the community centre has helped the centres expectation of opening within the next couple of months and has allows the recruits to help other young people and their families in the local community.”