RAF Win Big at UK Inter-Services

RAF BJJ team, Crown Copyright

Recently the RAF took part in the fifth instalment of the UK Armed Forces Martial Arts Inter-Services.

Senior Aircraftman (SAC) Alex Smith from RAF Halton competed in the UK Armed Forces Martial Arts Inter Service representing the RAF in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Heavyweight category and was also this year’s team captain.

Alex successfully retained the Gi Heavyweight title and No Gi title winning double gold, whilst also able to win double silver in the open weight categories where all medallists from each weight enter against one another. Alex said: “It was an honour to be given the captaincy for this year’s competition. A total of 13 gold, 13 silver and 3 bronze medals were won by the team.”

Now having gained High Performance Athlete status within the RAF, Alex will remain at RAF Halton, so he can continue to train at the Roger Gracie Academy in Aylesbury. Currently ranked number two Purple Heavyweight in the UK he will be aiming to get that number one spot.

The RAF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing bigger month by month and holds their team training at RAF Digby. If you would like to attend these monthly training sessions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the RAF Martial Arts Instagram or Facebook page.

Alex said: “The RAF BJJ Team had a fantastic day at the Inter-Service Championships this year. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and determination to fight against the British Army and Navy Team. I have no doubt in my mind that everyone will strive to do even better in the competitions to come, civilian and military.”