RAF100 captured by Station Photographers

A small Babcock photographic team’s work over the last 13 months, and their contribution to celebrating RAF100, was celebrated by the Station this week. Over a year ago Kate Rutherford, Luka Waycott and Chris Yarrow approached the Station Commander, Group Captain James Brayshaw, with an idea to create a heritage piece that captured, literally through the lens of people, the whole Community that have been part of Halton and the Royal Air Force over the years. Of course, the Station Commander was very happy to support and help find the resources necessary to achieve the brilliant results that were displayed at a reception in Halton House this week.

Kate and the team wanted to create photographs that show off the Station in all its glory, and illuminate the personalities of its people. The photographs were taken to give a feeling of nostalgia, and create something classic and respectful. It has taken Kate, Luka and Chris a lot of time, hard work and patience to complete this over the year and I know they are very proud of their work. They have been honoured to invite back all the people who posed for portraits and learn about their personal stories as they have passed through this very special Station. These have included some lovely stories of wider family links to Halton, Births at St Mary’s Hospital and personnel who have remained in the community and made Halton their home.

The team’s work includes Veterans from WWII, RAF Halton Apprentices from varying eras, VIP dignitaries, Civil Servants and our Industry Partners, right through to current Airmen at Recruit Training Squadron. The display culminates with the 100th portrait of Group Captain Houghton, the Parade Commander for RAF 100 celebrations in London this July.

Group Captain Brayshaw said: “It is fitting that the work is displayed in such a beautiful setting and it will also be displayed during our Heritage Open Day on Sunday 16 September, where we anticipate over 2000 visitors to the Station to view various stands in this house, Kitchener’s original World War 1 Trench War fare training site, which has been recently renovated, the Trenchard Museum and our Flight heritage centre.

“On the photographic team’s behalf, I would offer a few thank you’s to the personnel who travelled back to Halton to pose for portraits, the Station Workshops for the construction of the stands and the RAF Marham Photographic Print Centre, for allowing them to join their team to print the final exhibition prints.

“Finally, to Kate, Luka and Chris, congratulations on your achievement and stepping up to contribute to the Service in its centenary year and truly capturing Halton and its people over the year and in your own unique way, the essence of RAF100 themes of Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire. Well done.”

Written by: 70