Rainbow Wreaths

In times of crisis, confusion and uncertainty it is heartwarming and humbling to be part of this incredible Wendover community. I am grateful every day that I am part of this delightful village where so many people have stepped forward to help and support their neighbours. The Good Neighbour Scheme has enabled me to assist in the magnificent effort to ensure that no-one needs to be afraid that they won’t have
food or the medicine that they need and no-one needs to be lonely.

There is a volunteer warden always available to help, even for the more unusual requests – like the recent urgent call for a cat litter tray!

I was delighted that my son, Clark Bearman, utilised his skills as a professional Christmas decorator to brighten our doors with the Rainbow Wreaths – although when he originally donated some to the wardens he
had no idea how popular they would be!

He wore through his fingers tying baubles to wreaths, but I smile every time I spot them around the village knowing how much money he raised for the Heart of Bucks Coronavirus page. The Rainbow Wreaths caught the attention of BBC Oxford radio, who interviewed me on air about the work of the Wardens in Wendover. We live in a beautiful village full of wonderful people.

I’m proud to be a resident and a warden.

Pam Chambers –  Princess Mary Gate