RCOT announce new strategy for championing the occupational therapy profession

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) has today, 13 January, announced a new strategy and rebrand, crucial to achieving its vision that people everywhere will value the life-changing power of occupational therapy.

The vision purposefully focuses on occupational therapy’s wider impact on society – enhancing the profession’s profile and positioning the role of occupational therapy for the future.

The five-year strategy details what RCOT will do to make its vision a reality. It guides RCOT to rise up to be bold, progressive advocates and champions, open up to new opportunities and people, lift up every occupational therapist to be the best they can be.  RCOT has also adopted new organisational values that define how it’ll act and make decisions to reach its vision.

The new brand signals a major change and is essential to achieving RCOT’s ambitions. It has ‘occupation’ and inclusivity at its heart to capture the positive, dynamic and deeply human spirit of occupational therapy.


Commenting on this RCOT Chief Executive, Steve Ford said:

“I’m hugely excited to be announcing our strategic plans and revealing our new brand which is critical to achieving our ambitions for the organisation and profession.

“At RCOT, everything we do is so that one day people everywhere value the life-changing power of occupational therapy. Our vision purposefully focuses on our wider impact on society – enhancing our profession’s profile and positioning the role of occupational therapy for the future.

“We listened to our members to find out how we can best support them as individuals, to enable and grow the profession, and to boost awareness so that more people want to get involved with occupational therapy – and choose it as a solution, or as their profession.

“To reach our ambitious goals we must improve and change how we work to become a more forward-looking organisation. We will boldly lead the profession forward with a stronger voice than ever before. We will be the advocate and champion that occupational therapists deserve, sharing and celebrating the life-changing outcomes they help to achieve for people and society. We will be proudly inclusive – welcoming and supporting new generations of occupational therapists to join the profession so we reflect the diverse society that we represent and work with.

“It’s time to show the world the true power of what we do.”