Rebuilding The Jackson Studios at The Chiltern Open Air Museum

Jackson Studios

This pile of bricks is Jackson Studios, the birthplace of many iconic British sounds. We want to bring it back to life here at Chiltern Open Air Museum so that music fans, children and in fact everyone, can enjoy a trip down musical memory lane. The studio was used by Jack Jackson known as the ‘Father of DJs’ who made television and radio programmes for the BBC in the 1950s. It was then used by iconic recording artists Motorhead for the Ace of Spades, Elton John’s earliest recordings, Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hotrods, Ian Dury, Tom Robinson and many more. The Museum has exciting plans to rebuild this unique piece of history.

Public Consultation Day

OnSaturday, 23rd March, 2019, between10am and 2pm, we are holding a public consultation day about out plans for the recording studios.The consultation will take place in the Museum’s Astleham cottage (the rest of the Museum will remain closed). Everyone is welcome to attend.We have an exciting project to reconstruct Jackson Recording Studios at the Museum. We are particularly interested to chat to local community groups who think they could benefit from the project and community space. We want honest feedback on our ideas and suggestions. We’d welcome any community support on the project as well as partnerships.