It’s ‘recycle first’ for most Bucks residents as recycling gets easier than ever

Many people in Buckinghamshire no longer think ‘bin first’ when it comes to disposing of rubbish, but instead consider first whether things can be recycled.

That’s an attitude that’s being celebrated in Recycling Week (24-30 September 2018) by the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire- the county’s five local authorities working together to provide its waste and recycling service.

Chairman of the Waste Partnership Cllr Mike Smith said: “We have impressive recycling rates in Bucks, thanks to the efforts of our residents. To support them, it’s our job in the Waste Partnership to make recycling as easy as possible, and our kerbside collections now accept more kinds of material for recycling than ever before. Even more people are recycling their food waste too, helped by the fact that householders can now use ordinary plastic bags in the kerbside collection. Over 1,400 extra tonnes has been recycled since October last year.”

Another initiative that has proved a popular way of helping people recycle is the Bucks Waste Wizard. This innovative online service lets you put in the item you want to dispose of, enter your postcode, and get up-to-date information on whether it can be recycled and how to do it. It will also give you details of how the item should be disposed of if recycling is not possible.

Mike Smith continues: “Since November 2017, well over 10,000 people have used the Bucks Waste Wizard. It really is a great way for anyone to make sure they’re doing the best for the environment and recycling when they can. Over 46,000 searches have been made for how to recycle items, ranging from the popular, such as mattresses and plastic, to the slightly more obscure – including fairy lights and nail clippings!”

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