Reduce your energy bills through County Council scheme

Are you worried you may have spent a bit too much this Christmas?

Feeling the pinch or just want to get the best deals for your household energy supplies?

Buckinghamshire County Council is again giving you, your family and friends the opportunity to save an average £280 a year, by signing up for the latest collective switching auctions.

The scheme brings consumers together to negotiate a better deal with gas and electricity suppliers via an auction where energy companies offer competitive prices.

The supplier with the cheapest tariffs gets to offer registrants a new contract. You can compare their bid with your current supplier, see how much you’ll save and then decide whether to switch.

The Council has been working with iChoosr, the Government’s approved organisation, to offer the opportunity for people to join the next auction on February 14 2017.

Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment Warren Whyte said: “This is a great ‘no strings attached’ opportunity for our residents to be part of a simplified switching process combined with a very competitive deal.

“We want as many people as possible to register because the more people who sign up, the better the savings could be. If you’ve found it hard to stay within budget this Christmas, this is one way that could help you get back on track.”

Residents can register online at or call 01296 395000 for additional information.

Registration closes at midnight on 13 February 2017.