Register to vote – It’s about more than just voting

Reminder forms are currently being sent out to 24,700 Aylesbury Vale residents who have failed to provide their details for the electoral register. This year, Aylesbury Vale District Council is spreading the message that being registered is about more than just voting. As the register is used by credit checking agencies, people not on the register may find it difficult to get a loan, mortgage or mobile phone contract. It is also legal requirement, so not being registered could result in a fine of up to £1,000

Chris Sheard, Electoral Services Manager, commented: “We sent out just over 76,000 voter registration forms to homes in Aylesbury Vale at the beginning of October and so far around 68% of homes have responded. This means that 24,700 forms are still outstanding.

“Some people might say ‘I don’t want to vote, so I don’t need to register’ but this isn’t the case. Whatever you intend to do with your vote, registration is a legal requirement.”

The council has a statutory duty to send out reminder forms to all households which have not yet responded. These reminders have been going out since the 7 November and Aylesbury Vale District Council is encouraging as many people as possible to register now to reduce the cost. Any household which has still not registered by 6 December will have to be visited by one of a team of 31 council officials – which will cost the council additional money.

The forms contain the details of all the people who are currently registered to vote at an address. Most households simply need to tell the council that the information about them is still correct, which they can do via the internet, by text or by calling the free phone number.

Further details, including the security code that householders need to quote, are given on the form. Registering electronically is not only the quickest and easiest method, but also the cheapest.

On the electoral registration form residents can opt to have their details excluded from the edited register. This will mean their details could not be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

Electors using the free phone or internet services can opt in or out. Residents using the form will need to decide whether to place a tick in the appropriate column to opt out, or to leave the column blank.

Chris Sheard, Electoral Services Manager, continued: “There has been a good response so far but I would urge anyone who has not yet supplied or confirmed their details to get in touch as soon as possible.”

For help and advice on registration, visit or call 01296 585807.