Residents to have their say in Iver transport study

Residents in the Iver area are being canvassed for their views as part of a major traffic and transport study led by Buckinghamshire County Council.

The aim of the study, being done over the coming three months with South Bucks District Council support, is to draw up a comprehensive view of current and anticipated traffic and transport problems

It will look at potential solutions to help inform future transport planning and land use decisions in Iver, Iver Heath and Richings Park.

A public exhibition has been planned for Tuesday July 26 at Iver Village Hall between 2pm and 8pm.

Transport Deputy Cabinet Member Paul Irwin said: ‘We want to make sure we’ve got things crystal clear in our minds as we make forward-looking transport and traffic decisions. This is why it’s so important that residents feed into our thinking.’

Paul said the exhibitionwould explain the breadth of transport issues in the area, such as the impact of heavy lorries, the likely effects of a Heathrow Express depot at Langley, planned rail connections to the airport, ‘smart’ motorway proposals, and preparations for Crossrailservices to local stations.

He said: ‘With these plans in the future, and some of them a reality today, I do appreciate people’s anxiety about transport pressures, which is whywe want to listen and understand their concerns.’

Residents will be able to tour the exhibition, talk to members of the county council’s traffic and transport study team, and fill in feedback forms with their responses.

They’ll also be asked for comments on suggested projects for consideration to be paid for out of developer funding from nearby Pinewood Studios to improve its access by bus, bike and on foot.

The exhibition panels and feedback form will be available on the County Council website at until early September.

The study results will be published later in September before the team looks at combining them with investigations into the effect of Heathrow expansion and possible impacts of other major projects in the area.