Ring-fenced Funding Proposal for Youth Support in Local Area

It was agreed at the previous Local Area Forum meeting that LAF members would be advised if there was a change to the funding proposal for youth support in the local area. This is shown below and formed part of the report for the 17 June meeting. It was agreed that funding would be made, unless there were major changes to the funding proposal being discussed.

The one additional that has been agreed is a specific link with the Wendover Youth Forum and also encourage young people to attend the Forum. This is a positive addition, so there is no requirement for the LAF to reconsider the funding allocation and this will now be approved for this purpose.

In the Wendover local area plan, ‘Activities and facilities for young people aged 11+’ is a priority. A proposal is being considered for a support worker to be based at Wendover Youth Club and provide outreach and other support to young people in the local area and enable support from detached youth teams to target specific areas. While the worker is based at Wendover Youth Club, the post will provide wider links with other youth groups in the Wendover local area, particularly to facilitate a network of support between the local groups and strengthen links. The worker will also enable local groups to benefit from learning from the work being undertaken by youth groups in the wider area and disseminate this information to ensure Wendover local area youth groups can be more sustainable.

The main aim of the part-funding through the LAF for this post is to sustain and help local groups in Wendover, Aston Clinton, Weston Turville and RAF Halton and also ensure that the wider needs of young people are met in the local area. The LAF funding will pump-prime the part-funding of this post. Further funding will need to be accessed through other funding streams and this will be the case for future funding. The LAF is being asked to ring-fence £4,128 funding to this proposal. If the proposal is agreed to go forward, then the LAF will be sent full details by email within the next few weeks.

It is unlikely the proposal will differ from above. If it does differ from that set out above, the LAF will be given one week after the email has been sent to consider the proposal. If it does not differ but the information is more comprehensive, then the email report will be for information.