Rob Butler, MP – East West Rail

Deputy PM says Government looking at lower cost Aylesbury link of East West Rail

 The Deputy Prime Minister, Oliver Dowden, has told Aylesbury’s MP, Rob Butler, that the Department for Transport is working on a lower cost plan to enable the Aylesbury Spur of East West Rail to be built.

Mr Dowden was speaking in the House of Commons, where he was standing in for Rishi Sunak at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Mr Butler said in Parliament: “The latest route update for East West Rail has recently been published. Unfortunately the link to Aylesbury is still just a dotted line on the map. I’ve raised the need for this vital link on several occasions in this House, because it will cut congestion on our roads, stimulate the economy and reduce air pollution. Each time, I’ve been asked to work with stakeholders to reduce the cost. I’m really pleased to say we’ve managed to do that and there is now a much cheaper proposal on the table. So can my Right Honourable Friend please change that dotted line into a solid line, and give my constituency the railway they want?”

Mr Dowden replied: “I know my Honourable Friend is an absolutely tireless campaigner for this project, and I can assure him that the Department for Transport is working with Network Rail and the East-West Railway Company to consider the feasibility of lower cost railway links on the Aylesbury Spur, and I know that he will continue to make that case very, very vigorously.”

Afterwards, Mr Butler said: “A rail link to Milton Keynes will bring huge benefits to Aylesbury, and I’m pleased the Deputy PM has confirmed that more work is being done by the Government and Network Rail to deliver it. I’ll continue to press ministers and the industry to do everything possible to come up with a solid plan so we can get spades in the ground and passengers on the trains.”