Community Impact Bucks helps to support rural Buckinghamshire villages

Generally, the rural villages in Buckinghamshire are thriving communities but even so, with an aging population and limited transport, some people can become isolated. The village hall and local transport schemes can be a lifeline and Community Impact Bucks helps to support both vital aspects of village life.

CIB hosts the Rural Community Council (RCC) for Bucks and offering a service to parish community buildings underpins a really important aspect of rural community life. With the devolved responsibilities from local government, community buildings are often the hub not only for local events, but increasingly being used to raise money for the community. Membership of the Village Hall Association enables access to guides and support for all areas of community building management. Currently CIB are proud to represent nearly 200 members of the community buildings network.

As the RCC for Buckinghamshire, CIB have also supported many community transport schemes from communities purchasing a mini-bus to those running a volunteer transport project helping elderly villagers to and from hospital appointments.

“The great thing about transport schemes is that it brings communities together by helping each other. Often people in a village enjoy giving a lift to their neighbours and great friendships are often sparked. It is the essence of rural community life – supporting each other particularly in the winter months.” (Debi Game, head of projects at Community Impact Bucks.)