Ryanair Launches London Winter 19 Schedule & 2019 Customer Care Improvements

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (14 Feb) launched its London winter 2019 schedule, with 154 routes in total, including 2 new routes from Luton to Krakow and from Southend to Venice Treviso, which will help deliver 26m customers p.a. through Ryanair’s 4 London airports this year, as it grows its traffic by 5%. Ryanair also announced it will base the first 5 of its new Boeing MAX “Gamechanger” aircraft at London Stansted this summer, with more legroom and bright new interiors.

Ryanair’s London winter 19 schedule will deliver:

At Stansted:

  • 5 new Boeing MAX “Gamechanger” aircraft
  • More flights on 24 existing routes
  • 118 routes in total
  • 21.5m customers p.a. (+1%)
  • 16,000* on-site jobs

At Luton:

  • 1 new route to Krakow (4 per week)
  • 21 routes in total
  • 2.2m customers p.a. (+24%)
  • 1,650* on-site jobs

At Southend:

  • 1 new route to Venice Treviso (4 per week)
  • 11 routes in total
  • 1m customers p.a.
  • 750* on-site jobs

At Gatwick:

  • 4 routes in total
  • 1.3m customers p.a.
  • 975* on-site jobs

London consumers and visitors can now book their holidays as far out as March 2020, on even lower fares. Ryanair also launched its 2019 customer care improvements, including:

  • Lowest Fares – find a cheaper fare within 3 hours, get paid the difference plus €5 MyRyanair credit
  • Punctuality – deliver 90% target (excl. ATC) or 5% off following month’s air fares
  • New Max Aircraft – new interiors, more legroom, more seats, greenest aircraft – April
  • Customer Care Charter – EU261 claims processed in 10 days, new 24/7 support, connect in 2 mins
  • Care Improvements – 48-hour free of charge grace period for changes to bookings
  • Environmental Improvements – carbon offset programme & plastic free in 5 years
  • New Ryanair Choice – €199 annual fee for free seats, fast-track & priority boarding for freq. guests
  • Digital Improvements – new fare finder, sports tickets, bespoke travel guides & faster mobile

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“We are pleased to launch our London winter 2019 schedule with over 150 routes in total, which will deliver 26m customers through our 4 London airports this year. The first 5 of our new Boeing MAX “Gamechanger” will be based at London Stansted this Summer, offering more legroom and bright new interiors.

London customers and visitors can now book seats as far as March 2020 and enjoy our latest customer care improvements, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight with Ryanair. To celebrate the launch of our London winter 2019 schedule, we are releasing seats for sale from London from just £19.99 for travel in September and October, which are available for booking until midnight Saturday (16 Feb). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”